Steve Braker Bio

Steve Braker Action Adventure author

Hi. Thanks for visiting my website. I really appreciate it. Life these days is so busy for you to spend a few minutes on my site means a whole lot!

Here’s a little bit about me…

I’ve lived in East Africa since 2000 it has now become my home. The people and tribes of this continent have taught me so much about myself. I can’t lie to you, sometimes it’s tough as hell, but in my opinion worth every scar!

I have always had a leaning towards artistic pursuits and reading books. My parents were very keen readers. The house was always full of storybooks, mostly true-life adventures. My first memories of reading are the Gerald Durrell series where he trapped wild animals for zoos, then I moved on to the classics, Moby Dick, and War and Peace. However, my favorites were always full of action-adventure.

I left school at sixteen and immediately enrolled with a local silversmith on an apprenticeship. This was wonderful but did not really fulfill my desire to travel. After four lovely years, creating jewelry and silverware, I headed off around the world trying to find my passion.

Writing was always an interest to me, but I had never sat down and actually written anything. In the late eighties, I found myself wandering around London looking for a job to fund my next trip to the Far East. I ended up working as an English language teacher in a school in Leicester Square in the centre of London.

This is where my passion for the English language really came to life. The technical aspects of the language really intrigued me. Breaking down sentence structure to its smallest parts became a real pleasure. This led to looking at the way the language works and how people interact with it.

During this time, I wrote a raft of short action-adventure thrillers about my travels in West Africa and the Far East. Unfortunately, they are now lost in the mists of time.

Years later, when I found myself traveling all over East Africa and spending weeks on boats sailing the coastlines the idea of writing thrillers came back to me. Now my kids have all left to work and study in the UK. I have time to indulge my lost passion.

The first book in the William Brody Action-Adventure series, African Slaver, was really enjoyable to write, and I was very pleased to see loads of reviews on Amazon.com all rating the book a four or five star. I wrote the story after spending some time in Mogadishu where child slavery is rampant. Since then, I have fallen in love with writing and trying to get some of the stories of this wonderful continent out in the mainstream while sending a message at the same time.

All of my books are designed to show an aspect of Africa. They are a mix of real-life events with my hero William Brody there to keep the story interesting. I was brought up on a steady fix of late eighties T.V. series like The A-Team and Hawaii Five-O and for the English readers Minder and The Sweeny. These action series had a thread of old world ‘Do the right thing against all odds’. This seems to have gotten a bit lost over the years. My male character, William Brody, I like to think has the true grit that was represented in the movies and series made during the seventies and eighties.

Writing now is a real joy to me, something I look forward to every day. I hope you enjoy my books. Any feedback is always welcome, or just drop me a line for a chat. My email is [email protected]