African Ivory Steve Braker Novel

African Ivory A Steve Braker Novel

The fourth in the Series

Do you love fast paced action adventure set in the jungles of Africa?

African Ivory is a cry for help. These creatures need to be saved.   This book is a fictional account of the realities of poaching in Africa.

The fourth exciting installment of the William Brody African Ocean Adventure Series: African Ivory.

Living the Dream…     All William Brody wants to do is spend the long hot days sailing his wooden dhow in the serene, azure waters of the Indian Ocean.   The years of action are long behind him now. His nightmares of war and death fading into the past.   Slowly, he is relaxing into his new life.

But, as usual, trouble comes looking for him…   Out fishing the rip currents for sword fish, thirty miles off shore, his line gets caught in the propeller of a smuggler’s boat.   Then   Walking home from a bar, late one night, through the narrow dirty streets of an African town, Brody gets mugged by a desperate Chinese poaching gang and one of his old arch enemies.   His quiet life of sailing and diving is ruined. Brody must fight for a just cause: to save the last of the African elephants before the Chinese slaughter them all for profit.

He is thrown into an evil world of slavery, corruption and poaching…   On a two-hundred-mile journey along a crocodile infested river, in search of the people who wronged him and his crew, he finds a village full of corpses, making this mission personal.   Brody and his men are left in the jungle, outnumbered and out gunned, in a desperate fight to save the local tribe from murder and slavery.   Against the odds…   All he has left to rely on is his special forces training to get the job done and save the day. 

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