African Vengeance

A Steve Braker Action-Thriller

African Vengeance A William Brody Action Thriller


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By Steve Braker

African Vengeance

The Fifth in the Series

He didn’t go looking for trouble. It found him anyway…

Kenyan coast. William Brody longs for a quiet life. Although he’s still recovering from a recent bout of malaria, the former Special Forces major agrees to help some locals retrieve cargo lost in the ocean depths. But when he dives and discovers ten million dollars of drug money on a sunken plane, the simple favor turns into deadly stakes as vicious thugs hijack his vessel.

Trapped and fearing for his friends, Brody botches his escape attempt and accidentally destroys every cent of the dirty cash. And with the entire crew imprisoned, the grizzled ex-soldier is handed a sinister ultimatum: replace the illicit fortune or watch everyone he’s sworn to protect die.

Will Brody find a bounty big enough to save all their lives?

African Vengeance is the fast paced fifth book in the William Brody African Ocean Adventure Series. If you like intriguing plots, vividly detailed settings, and nail-biting suspense, then you’ll love Steve Braker’s edge-of-your-seat thriller.

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If you enjoy Clive Cussler and David Baldacci then you will love this action thriller.

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Buy African Vengeance On Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding non-stop action as millions in sunken gold ore is all that can save the lives of innocents

Excellent characters range along the eastern coasts of Kenya and Tanzania in search of millions of gangster dollars that soon needs replacing or close friends will die. A tightly woven tale of suspense and a nearly impossible fight against greed and murder by evil men whose plans are the torture and death of close friends. Plenty of twists and unexpected turns as this tale is certain to keep the reader going until late. An outstanding addition to a building series of adventure tales sited under, on, and above the East African seas and real places and all of it very much worth the time.

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A great read

I read the first 3 books in this series whilst on holiday in Kenya. The author clearly has an excellent knowledge of East Africa, and reading the books really enhanced my experience of Kenya and it’s tribal people. The level of detail of the diving was also great. If you love a good read, where you can engage with and care about the characters, whilst also expanding your knowledge, I would highly recommend these books. I read the last 2 books of the series after returning home, and it brought back great memories of my time there.

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 Worth reading

An excellent adventure story. I could already picture the movie. A fast paced novel loaded with descriptive phrases that make you picture the scene.

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