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I have lived in Africa for more than twenty years. I came here to be free. It was as simple as that.
I live in a country where risk is a daily pastime, whether you are sailing a dhow to Zanzibar or driving into the game parks on safari to visit the lions.
I live where the laws are a suggestion rather than a rule. A place where, if I sail into the ocean and get into trouble no one will come to save me.
But I asked for this life, and I love it. I’m responsible for everything I say and do. I am an alien in a foreign land, living off my wits.
Join me in Africa the cradle of humanity.

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William Brody Action Thriller Series

Are you looking for an exciting, fast-paced action thriller?
Look no further. This exciting ever-growing series will take you from the shores of a tropical island to the Vast African bush.
Accompany Brody as he forges a new life for himself in Africa, trying to forget the darkness from his past.
From the tropical paradise of the spice islands to the Vast African Bush. His new friends, his new life, and his adventures along the way.
Crafted by an author who walks the walk and talks the talk. And has lived in Africa for over twenty years and writes exciting action-packed thrillers based on his own life and experience.

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African Slaver

A William Brody Action Thriller | Volume 1
The first in this action-packed series. Get to know Brody Williams as he settles into his new life in Africa. A fast-paced introduction to this series. Brody has to race across the ocean to save the precious children from a life in slavery

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African Treasure

A William Brody Action Thriller | Volume 2

Brody stands alone against the might of a merciless, blood-baying gang of Muslim radicals.
The islanders are not strong enough to fight back so face a life of servitude.
The Sheikh wants Brody dead and to use the hoard to expand his empire. With bullets flying, Brody must use his special forces experience to try and achieve what seems to be the impossible.

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African Paradise

A William Brody Action Thriller | Volume 3
Brody sticks his nose where it is not wanted.
A Blood crazed band of suicide mercenaries have a single goal-‘Kill as many Israeli tourists as possible to draw the world’s attention to their case.’

Outnumbered, outgunned, and outmanned with the clock ticking and stakes at an all-time high Brody must face his deadliest enemy yet.

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African Ivory

A William Brody Action Thriller | Volume 4
After two attempts on his life; Brody takes things personally.
He tracks a vicious Chinese poacher and his gang of cutthroats two hundred miles up the remote crocodile-infested Tana River and finds himself in the extremely dangerous and violent world of ivory smuggling.
A desperate chase along the river and an encounter with an old enemy, Brody must fight to his last breath to survive.
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African Vengeance

A William Brody Action Thriller | Volume 5
Find the cash or lose your friends!
If you want a fast-paced, hard-hitting action thriller African Vengeance hits the mark. Sit down and strap in for a full-throttle adventure in the tropical paradise of Africa.
First World War battles and lost submarines are only the beginning! Brody has to chase the scent of gold or lose his beloved crew.
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What my readers are saying

I’m not super familiar with East Africa but the language of the author really helped to paint a vivid mental picture. An interestingly complex and flawed ex- special ops soldier makes for an epic hero. Very excited to read what comes next and see how he evolves.

I really enjoyed this story. It was very convincing with all the information the writer gave about the places and people. I could almost see the scenes as I was reading them. I will look forward to reading more about the main characters adventures.

BRAKER, continues to hit home runs. His knowledge of the area’s his adventures take place, makes for a believable adventures. I look forward to His next book.

I am meeting William Brody for the first time with this book. As the author states he did live in Africa for some time. You can feel the love for the area coming off the page. It was beautifully described and well plotted. This novella started out quiet and ended with a bang. It showed a side of the news headlines we rarely get to see. It was fun to read and I want more.

Four Starts. Great Story.

WOW! This is a GREAT book! I loved this book!

Lot’s of action with true background.

A must read. A suspenseful well written book

Right off the bat you get a nice feel for who the narrator is and what the story will be about. It is such an adventurous and interesting novel.

A good action adventure yarn. Lots of action, special forces main character, great support characters, violence

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Steve Braker Thriller writer Africa. Action and Adventure author

Action Adventure Author

Steve Braker

Hi. Thanks for visiting my website. I really appreciate it. Life these days is so busy for you to spend a few minutes on my site means a whole lot!

Here’s a little bit about me…

I’ve lived in East Africa since 2000, it has now become my home. The people and tribes of this continent have taught me so much about myself. I can’t lie to you, sometimes it’s tough as hell, but in my opinion worth every scar!

I have sailed wooden dhows along the coast of Africa from Mozambique to Somalia, scuba-dived in the crystal-clear waters off Pemba Island, and fished the Kenya Banks near Somalia.

Thrillers have always been my go-to genre. I consider Clive Cussler, Wilbur Smith, and James Patterson lifelong friends. They offer me an escape on long safaris across the African Continent.

My first novel was African Slaver, I wanted to bring something different for avid readers to enjoy. My books have unique settings and characters largely based on the people I have met during my travels. Throwing a hefty dose of action and adventure in as Brody Williams learns to live in his new home.

I decided I would write with Clive Cussler’s ethos, and Wilbur Smith’s passion, then use my own experiences along the coast of Africa to be the basis for this action thriller series.

I hope you enjoy these books and let me know what you think. Drop me a line at [email protected]

Steve Braker Books

The William Brody Thriller Series

African Slaver Thriller

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African Treasure Action Adventure Thriller

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African Paradise A William Brody Action Thriller

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African Ivory action thriller

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African Vengeance the fifth in the Action Thriller series by Steve Braker

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