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The first installment of the Willaim Brody action adventure series….

African Treasure

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African Paradise

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African Ivory

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Steve Braker Action Adventure Author - African Vengeance

The Fifth in this fast paced action adventure series

When an evil drug lord shoots one of Brody’s crew and puts the rest in the hell hole that is the local prison. Brody has to race along the tropical coast of Africa to find a lost cache of gold. If he fails, his friends are dead!

African Vengeance will take you on a roller coaster ride that you will never forget.

If you enjoy Clive Cussler novels, like I do, then you will love Africa Vengeance.

Brody sails his ancient wooden dhow in search of a lost First World War gold haul. He has to dive to extreme depths, and fight of rivals to get the gold.

With his ragtag bunch of eclectic partners, he embarks on a forlorn mission. The only way he can save his friends is to take a last-ditch one in a million chance.

Brody will immerse you in a trek through African life and culture while keeping you enthralled with his adventures.

What readers are saying about Steve Braker’s books:

★★★★ BRAKER, continues to hit home runs. His knowledge of the area’s his adventures take place, makes for a believable adventures. I look forward to His next book.

★★★★★ WOW! This is a GREAT book! I loved this book!

★★★★ A good action adventure yarn. Lots of action, special forces main character, great support characters, violence

★★★★★A must read. A suspenseful well written book

★★★★ Four Starts. Great Story.

★★★★★ Right off the bat you get a nice feel for who the narrator is and what the story will be about. It is such an adventurous and interesting novel.

★★★★ Lot’s of action with true background.

★★★★ I am meeting William Brody for the first time with this book. As the author states he did live in Africa for some time. You can feel the love for the area coming off the page. It was beautifully described and well plotted. This novella started out quiet and ended with a bang. It showed a side of the news headlines we rarely get to see. It was fun to read and I want more.

★★★★ I’m not super familiar with East Africa but the language of the author really helped to pain a vivid mental picture. An interestingly complex and flawed ex- special ops soldier makes for an epic hero. Very excited to read what comes next and see how he evolves.

★★★★★ I really enjoyed this story. It was very convincing with all the information the writer gave about the places and people. I could almost see the scenes as I was reading them. I will look forward to reading more about the main characters adventures.

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Steve Braker bio

Steve Braker was born in Cornwall in the UK. Steve grew up next to the ocean, fishing, surfing and camping along the beautiful English coast line.

After leaving school Steve traveled through South East Asia, India and West Africa looking for inspiration. While working in London in the early nineties he fell in love with writing and wrote several short stories which became the basis for the William Brody Action Adventure Series. However, city life did not agree with Steve. After a few years the wandering bug caught him again. A passion for travelling and adventure led him and his young family to East Africa. The azure blue waters and amazing coastline immediately hooked him it was love at first sight. The 49 African tribes and amazing culture became a life long anthropological journey. His local knowledge of the Indian Ocean and the people of East Africa come through in his writing. All of the William Brody Action Adventure Novels use his extensive knowledge of the African Coast line and people that live there.

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