African Treasuure a Steve Braker Novel

African treasure A Steve Braker Novella

The second in the william brody Series

Do you love to lose yourself in a fast-paced action adventure thriller?

If the answer is yes, you will love this adventure tale.

Desert Island Paradise Lost…

Former Special Forces Major William Brody is relaxing in his African paradise.

But life just won’t leave him alone! Out scuba diving one day, Brody finds himself fighting for his life against a school of hammerheads. Trapped underwater in a cave, he discovers the hilt of a sword.   Now, the hunt is on!   But, the Kaya Bombo – a radical Islamic group – need the treasure to return the island to Sharia law.   They will not let anyone or anything get in their way.   Time’s running out…   Brody battles the terrorists and the ocean with only a Sister from the local mission to help him find the treasure and escape.   Bullets flying. Brody will do whatever it takes…but only if he can manage to stay alive long enough to claim the prize.   This is a real page turner action adventure.

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