Echoes From the Past

Published: 23/1/2015

Author: Peter Rimmer Web site www.peterrimmer.com

I picked this book from Amazon as it is similar to the books I write. The William Brody African Ocean Adventure Series and I wanted to see what the other options were available for my readers.

You can tell Peter Rimmer has spent a lot of time in South Africa and has an excellent knowledge of the geography and the history.

Whenever I start to read another author’s books, I always try to go for the first in the series which is usually a short book giving an insight into the stories to come. However, Echoes from the Past is a fully-fledged book which took me some time to read. This is unusual for an author and to be congratulated.

Echoes from the Past mainly revolves around Sebastian Brigandshaw who is a son of a wealthy shipping merchant based in London. In July of 1887, he is hoping to marry his childhood sweetheart, Emily. But his hopes are dashed, and a rift is caused in the family as his father wants something different. The upshot of this is Sebastian is sent on a long sea voyage and disowned by his father.

Sebastian ends up in South Africa, where the ship’s captain allows him off the ship for a few hours. This leads to his meeting with a Boer African Ivory hunter who invites him to travel into the interior and hunt the elephants.

This is basically the beginning of a wonderful saga taking Sabastian into the rough dark interior of Africa in the 1900s. He finds himself entwined with the local African tribes and cultures and watches as that end of the continent sees the white man march across its unspoiled veldt. The story continues through the Boer War and discusses the merits and demerits of the same. The book looks at the different political plays that were happening at the time and who lost and who suffered. This is all done from the perspective of local people, the Boers, and the English.

I enjoyed the way Peter was able to move from character to character depicting their stories. He allows us to get a glimpse into what life was like back then with the hardships and difficulties of living in a foreign land where the natives were not always friendly. Peter Rimmer is also able to give an enlightening view of the local tribes and their customs.

I was expecting an action-adventure book, but Echoes from the Past is more of an adventure book with long enjoyable stories bringing out the most important characters and the lives they lived.

It is a lovely story depicting a time when it was still possible to find a country and go and live there and make your life. Peter Rimmer has written several books in the Bradshaw Chronicles and I am sure I will read them.

If you want action and adventure then this book might be a little slow for you. However, the saga is well worth reading and is an epic adventure story. Peter Rimmer has a great web site offering more information on his books you can find it here www.peterrimmer.com.